What Can Find a Naturopath Offer You?

Find a Naturopath is Australia's first online directory just for qualified Naturopaths. Our entire website has been designed keeping this in mind. We offer you a unique way of attracting new clients and growing your business.

Our Naturopathic Directory is:


We only advertise Qualified Naturopaths in our directory to maintain a high professional standard that people can trust.


We give people the ability to search for their naturopath by health conditions, natural therapies, special diets and screening tools. Let people know exactly what you do with our unique 5 ways to search.


Find a Naturopath provides up to date health information and articles that inform people of the amazing benefits they can expect from seeing a Naturopath

Cost Effective

A single, small advert in your local paper can cost hundreds of dollars. With over 397,200 Australians searching for naturopaths online every year, Find a Naturopath offers you an affordable way of reaching potential clients.


We have chosen not to offer priority listings at a higher cost. Instead we provide fair representation of all Naturopaths based on the services they offer.


Our directory is all about promoting Naturopaths. We do not offer banner advertising to businesses or colleges that will draw attention away from our Naturopath directory.  Instead we offer an easy to navigate website, with a simple design.