Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements offer many health benefits.  The various nutritional products that your Naturopath recommends are, in their opinion, the best.  They prescribe these products because they know they get results.

nutritional-supplements.jpgYour Naturopath's role is to have you feeling better as quickly as possible and to prevent health problems from reoccurring.  If you want to achieve a new state of wellbeing you and your naturopath must not only treat the symptoms, but also the underlying cause of your health condition. That's why many of the programs they prescribe may involve significant dietary and lifestyle changes and the use of quality nutritional supplements.

Why do you need to supplement your diet? Many of us do not eat a balanced diet. On average 40% of the kilojoules we consume come from highly processed convenience foods that are high in sugar and fats. These foods contain few of the vitamins and minerals we need. Some other factors that contribute to nutrient depletion include stress, illness, dieting, prescription drug use, strenuous exercise, pregnancy and breastfeeding, excessive alcohol intake, and regular caffeine consumption. Australian soils are naturally low in many nutrients, so even if you eat a healthy diet you may not be getting the best nutrition from your food.

The various nutritional products that your naturopath recommends are, in their opinion, the best. They prescribe these products because they know they get results.

There are many benefits to taking nutritional supplements, for instance a supplement containing 400mcg of folic acid with additional B6 and B12 can help reduce homocysteine (a chemical found in the body linked with heart disease) levels and may therefore reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Micronutrients such as selenium and zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E are all antioxidants that protect the body from free radical formation and oxidative damage. Because of this regular use of multivitamins is directly associated with a reduced risk of cancer.

Nutritional supplements have been shown to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome as well as improving maternal health during pregnancy and lowering the risk of serious birth defects.

Many children are fussy eaters and have a small range of foods they will eat, which can create deficiencies. In addition, children are going through rapid growth which creates increased nutritional demands. Taking nutritional supplements can help improve the conditions that may otherwise result from a nutritional deficiency, such as learning and behavioural disorders, poor immune resistance, and increased risk of health problems later in life.

Nutritional supplements offer many health benefits. If taken as a part of an integrated approach, they can change your life by greatly improving your health. The problem is that the majority of people do not know which supplements to take or which offer the greatest benefits. High quality supplements should have the right balance of vitamins, minerals and supporting nutrients; be biologically active and highly absorbable and have good quality ingredients. Your Naturopath can recommend therapeutic supplements that contain the right balance of nutrients for you.