Sclerology is the science and art of observing the markings and colorings in the whites of the eyes as signs of compromised health.

sclerology-ss-2.jpgDrawings from ancient Chinese text suggest that sclerology has been practised since ancient times. Illustrations of sclera analysis have also been documented in European texts from the middle ages and it is believed that Native American Indians used this method while practising medicine.

What Is Sclerology?

Quite simply, sclerology involves studying the markings and colourings in the white portion of the eye known as the sclera.  For the skilled practitioner, the size, shape and shadings of these markings all have a deeper meaning, corresponding to various health conditions within the body.  

How Does This Work?

Nerve and tissue fibres and blood vessels react to changes in your health and these can be seen in the body's corresponding areas of the sclera via the optic nerve.  

Benefits Of Sclerology

While iridology often shows inherited strengths and weaknesses and genetic traits, sclerology can show the current state of physical and emotional health. Through sclerology, your naturopath is able to look into your eyes and gain insight into what is happening with your health right now. They can interpret the lines in your eyes to determine underlying imbalances in organs and systems of your body. As such the sclera can reveal hidden issues that may be the root cause of your ill health.

There are many benefits of sclerology but perhaps the most significant benefit is that signs can show up in the sclera long before you experience any symptoms. This is a great advantage in terms of prevention, treatment and maintenance of good health. Once treatment has begun, a naturopath can examine the lines in the sclera to confirm improvements in your health.

Sclerology offers your naturopath a way to identify, heal and prevent health problems naturally.