Energetic Medicine

Some of the popular energy medicine devices include: Vega, AsyraPro, LISTEN system, Mora, NES, Biopulsar, Biomeridian, Bicom and many more. 

energy-medicine-screeening.jpgWhat is Energy medicine?

Energy medicine is formed on the concept that an invisible "life force energy" flows through the body and is partly responsible for our happiness and good health. Life energy is a concept that appears in 97 different cultures around the world, each with their own name.  Indian Yogi's have referred to this as Prana for more than 5000 years, while Chinese philosophy calls this same energy Chi and Japanese call it Ki.

Of course there are scientific reasons to explain how the body works, but what lies behind the physiology?  The answer is energy.  Ancient schools of healing throughout the world describe a human energy system consisting of acupuncture meridians, charkas, nadis and an etheric body.

Energy Medicine Devices

In the 1950’s a German medical doctor and dentist, Dr Reinhold Voll discovered that by using an ohm meter he was able to test for acupuncture points electrically.  He found that electrical changes in certain acupuncture points could be associated with certain “dis-ease” states in the body. For example “high” readings were often seen to relate to tissue inflammation, whereas “low” readings often indicated tissue degeneration. He developed the first generation of energy medicine devices, known as Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) devices. EDS is a method of measuring your current state of energetic health through the meridian system, much like an electrocardiogram registers the electrical current of your heart. This works by measuring electrical resistance at acupuncture points and meridians. 

Today energy medicine devices use highly sophisticated electronic equipment to assess your health.  These machines come in different shapes and sizes and under various names, however many are still based on the principles of electrodermal screening (EDS).  

Energy medicine devices can allow your Naturopath to perform a thorough energetic health analysis in only minutes.