Hormone Health

Common hormonal health conditions include: adrenal exhaustion, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, menstrual problems, menopause, all other female and male hormone conditions.

hormones-2-pic.jpgOur hormones undoubtedly have a major influence on our lives; however there is no need for us to be at the mercy of our hormones! Women in particular know all too well how hormones can affect mood and energy, but how many of us really understand how important hormones are for health and wellbeing?

Hormones such as oestrogen, testosterone and cortisol are vital for our health and wellbeing. If these hormones become out of balance we may experience many undesirable symptoms.

Each hormone has a very specific job to do in the body, for example:

  • Cortisol - helps our body deal with stress
  • Oestrogen - vital for maintaining female reproductive health
  • Thyroxine - essential for maintaining healthy metabolism
  • Testosterone - vital for maintaining male reproductive health
  • Insulin - helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels

Hormone imbalances occur in both women and men. There are several reasons this can happen including stress and the natural aging process. Women often experience hormone changes during menstrual cycles or when going through menopause. Men may find that testosterone levels drop as they age.

For many women, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a burden that can greatly affect their quality of life, impacting their ability to perform regular daily activities, affecting their workplace performance and often making it difficult for them to cope with the demands of everyday life.

Fortunately there are many natural substances which may help to maintain a healthy hormone balance for both men and women. When hormone imbalances are detected, a variety of natural therapies may be implemented including homeopathic medicine, detoxification and nutritional support. A change in diet, herbal medicine, stress reduction and other supportive treatments may also help put you on the path to healthier hormones.

If you are concerned about your hormones, then see your naturopath to discuss the range of options available to help you achieve hormonal harmony.